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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll be back in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner sandra smith, coanchor of "fox & friends" first, ainsley earhardt, today's #oneluckyguy, greg gutfeld, you know him from "the five" and "red eye." the host of the greg gutfeld show premiering 10 p.m. eastern. greg you're outnumbered. >> i know. it feels great. >> i hear there will be a petting zoo and perhaps your hamster sparkles will be joining this time? >> technically it is not a petting zoo if lou dobbs is not the animal. be very careful where you pet him. we'll have variety dancers.
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probably have a poetry reading. it will be very exciting. you know it? we'll have very interesting surprise guests. so you have to tune in. you will see people from fox in a way that you have never seen them before. >> whoa. i like that. >> breaking any new ground? >> no. i don't believe in telling people i'm breaking new ground. i just don't want to fail. i keep my bar very low because i'm short. but i keep, i just don't want to fail. i don't want to embarass myself. i don't want to embarass this network. all i'm hoping to do is do the show without passing out or throwing up. >> you know, greg, there was a joke i was going to make about too small -- >> i beat you. >> you did. you definitely did. we'll talk more about your show later in our show. >> can't wait. >> i'm pumped. i will watch it. >> i hope you do. >> congratulations. >> could we see a fight to retake ramadi. iraq's government announced its
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military launch ad counterattack aimed at driving out isis from the western part of anbar province days after the military captured the capital city. u.s. officials pushed back on reports describing actions today as battlefield preparations in the form of artillery and locket launches. this comes day as of iraq's prime minister slammed defense secretary ash carter's claim that quote, iraqi forces showed no willingness to fight isis last week. general stanley mcchrystal who headed u.s. forces in afghanistan zeroed in on sees the problems. >> it is clear that iraqi forces in ramadi got shaken. i don't think that was secretary carter was talking about. secretary carter was talking about the will of government of iraq to show strong leadership and internal cohesion that is necessary here. new weapons are not going to i can mat difference. >> meantime ramadi's stunning
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fall raising big concerns that the military sophistication of isis is growing. iraqi and former u.s. officials tell "the wall street journal" that isis commanders dodged surveillance and airstrikes to bring reinforcements to its front lines in western iraq. the group creating formidable new weapons turning captured u.s. armored vehicles into megabombs. okay, yesterday, greg, president obama gave a speech memorial day and he seemed to be proud of the fact that u.s. has not been engaging any ground war. as much as we sit and discuss whether or not we need a new strategy, it doesn't seem like the white house will put any u.s. troops boots on the ground or even changing the strategy. >> when he talks about whether iraq or afghanistan never uses objective terms we use, winning and losing. it is always about ending. he said yesterday it was about ending conflicts in afghanistan. there is no, you can not create a strategy for ending anything. you can create a strategy for
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winning. but as long as you don't believe in yourself, you believe that you can win, you're going to lose. this shouldn't be that hard to articulate a message. when you see what is going on in there. when you see these mass graves and see women with burned alive because she refused to participate in her own rape, these are things you can articulate to the american people to say, this is something that is really bad. and, i wonder when you were in the history class you wondered how did the holocaust happen? how did this happen? because we, we kept telling ourselves that it wasn't our fight. and we kept saying that until it was inevitable that it was our fight. i can't help but think, this is what isis is. isis is basically telling this we'll do this because we know you don't have the will. you're no longer interested. they also know we're war rearry which makes sense. but at certain point we have to look are we as a defender of freedom on this small planet
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okay with what these people are doing? are you fine with this? because you can in the old days you could turn your head but we have internet. you will see images. you will see a man burned alive. >> harris, what about this? defense secretary ash carter he came out, he said the iraqi army doesn't seem to have the will to fight. now the iraqi prime minister is on a different marriage saying well, that is not exactly true. we've been arming and training and helping the iraqi army for years now. this isn't a new thing. so why are we on such different pages? >> iran is on the ground. so that is muddying some. waters. so what you saw this weekend iraq and iran both saying no you're wrong. secretary ash carter must have been given wrong information trot iraqi prime minister. the general for iraqi national guard quds, fighting isis, the only people willing to fight isis those of us from iran and our allies leading from the ground. they're complicating matters. i want to add to what greg said
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because he gave really good facts what we're witnessing here as civilization. you mentioned woman, the 20-year-old, who is all over the internet, burned alive because she wouldn't participate in extreme sex acts, her own rape, as you put it. when isis moved into palmyra they beheaded children. they like to document everything they do. there is ticktock before we unfortunately have access to that don't know for sure but that is their history. london's mirror reporting that there is waiting little for suicide bombers for isis. within the rank-and-file they're upset, monitoring websites, that rich saudis are allowed to jump the queue jump the line, they're upset within the ranges of isis. a third bit of information. their ability to recruit now apparently they're doing their own training. boko haram they have been able to kill some members outside of mosul. why would they be there from nigeria? the thinking now in some of the
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reporting is supporting this, that they are there to train with isis. so we're training the iraqis and isis is training new soldiers coming from nigeria. northern africa. >> yeah. >> what they are doing now is unbelievable and they're successful at it. >> the fault line, sandra, are, as paris points out they're pretty incredible. seems we're watching a tribal war between sunnis shiites and kurds with isil backing the sunnis and you have the shiite areas being protected by iran. so you have the iraqis going wait a minute. looks like the u.s. is working with iran behind the scenes on some kind of a nuke deal. then there is a report in politico today that says iraq and money coming out of iraq is bankrolling isil. the fault lines are so screwy on this one. >> right. then there is that disconnect. you talked about the words coming from the iraqi prime minister. even went further to say they're just plain overwhelmed bitten my's weapons. you look, isis launching 27 of
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these vehicle improvised explosive devices. i was looking at comments from the fellow at the defense of democracy think tank. he says these device are showing good degree of tactical awareness. the disconnect from washington and what is actually happening on the ground there is to me most concerning. now u.s. officials saying it appears that the iraqi forces are much more organized and determined than we have seen in recent weeks and months. is that the case? there is certainly a disconnect from what we're hearing from washington and what is actually happening on the ground. >> you bring up those weapons. many of those weapons are supplied by the united states you the taxpayer paying for many of these weapons. you have one of leaders in iraq saying carter was trying to blame this on somebody else. the u.s. he says failed to provide good equipment weapons and aerial support? i'm sorry i have to defend the united states of america in this case because this week we sent 2,000 anti-tank weapons. the past few weeks, 12,000
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mortar rounds. isis is captured and using our armored personnel carrier, artillery, 100 vehicles and six tanks. isis is converting a lot of these as you were saying in the beginning, andrea as megabombs. i like what australia is doing. if you join isis we will revoke your citizenship. we need to do something like that. >> andrea you and i talked about this. why do we have such concern about people going over to fight isis? let them go. just don't let them back in. can we make that happen? >> i pay their ticket. >> intestinal fortitude to keep them out? >> using passports to come back in. that is why they're targeting. why country who is train isis they're targeting people here in america. they can go, learn how to fight and come back here and use passports to bomb us. >> leave them on battlefield there. >> will iraq ultimately end up in iranian control? we keep talking about the city of a maudedy, whether or not
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they can recapture it. they're moving on to baghdad, isis, that is. i don't believe iranians will let them take baghdad. they could shut it down in three section. i don't think they will let a sunni caliphate happen. there is argument should we let iranians take this over? we shouldn't have ceded it to the iranians in the first place? inevitable that iraq falls into the hands of iran? >> the problem you have is you have got kurds up in the north. they will fight. sunnis side by side right now but that is probably a temporary situation. so iran taking over iraq, boy that would be one bloody war. the kurds will not give in. >> or we send troops. >> i don't think that is going to happen. i actually don't think we should but that is just me. new signs the nfl, guess what it finally may have gotten it. what a quick-firing after player arrested again on domestic violence charges may say about a changing league in a debate we've had a lot here onout
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numbered. -- "outnumbered." a big development we brought you yesterday. some people outraged about a t-shirt with upside down american flag. wait until you hear the company's excuse. after the show catch more on the couch from the web. join@us outnumbered overtime fox click the "overtime" tab. tweet us your comments and questions. greg is here. larry takes questions. fire away about the new show, his hamster, bill hemmer's cage in his basement. everything. >> you knew that. ♪ try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. thank you. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." what a difference a year makes. nfl bad boy ray mcdonald has been bounced from his new team the chicago bears just hours after his third bust in nine months. mcdonald arrested yesterday on domestic violence and child endangerment charges in california after officers say he assaulted victim while she was holding a baby. reaction from some of his now former teammates swift. bears lineman kyle long tweeting quote, good riddance. and the team saying quote, we believe in second chances but when we signed ray we were very clear what our expectations were if he was to remain a bear.
9:16 am
greg, i want to go to you first on this one. third arrest in nine months. he was already cut by the 49ers in december. he was, as the bears indicate already on thin ice with them. they made it clear you have to be good. here we have this, and he is gone. >> like this is designed to be expelled. he didn't just assault a woman. the woman was holding a baby. all that was needed was a baby holding a kitten to make it worse. there is no way out. the interesting thing when you look at this, we hear these stories, okay these isolated incidents tell you they're happening more and more but if you still compare nfl players, not to the general population because that is inaccurate but to the general population of adult males because only males play professional football, they still have lower incidence of assault and drug crimes. the only crime that is high among them are weapons charges. but generally they're still lower than the national average among men. >> but still there appears
9:17 am
ainsley to be a culture problem at the nfl that exists today something they have to do about it because it is, you know, been an image problem for them but this is a devastating story. 30 years old. his son is two months old. this, according to reports former fiance with. this problem for the nfl not going away anytime soon. >> that is why this is such a big deal. after ray rice everything is changed now. this guy has gotten, one two three, four, shots now. there are some people that really want to play in the nfl that are very good, that are good guys, that will do the right thing play by the rules give them a shot. >> why take the risk. >> i agree. >> they took the risk. at first sight of anything happening something horrible happening reportedly, they say see ya sayonara, good-bye. >> i say good. zero tolerance. seems not just nfl, the team. your team, chicago bears.
9:18 am
i applaud for doing it. the nfl doesn't always do the right thing. they try to do the psas and commercial but we've seen the teams before protect their players much like the ravens did with ray rice. i applaud the bears saying we'll not have any part of this. we'll not let it turn into media spectacle. we'll find another player. >> as to andrea's point, it didn't turn into a press conference by roger goodell and setting up panel to discuss it, the team said we made it very clear what our expectations. maybe more teams should do that when they sign the guys. one strike you're out rule. >> really you have to tell them that? so i'm outnumbered on this one. nothing has changed. this wasn't zero tolerance. this was after three tries. nothing has changed. nancy armour, one of my favorite writers on sports, "usa today," right writes it is not just ray mcdonald. nfl commissioner ought to slap the chicago bears with hefty fine, take a way adraft pick or two?
9:19 am
>> why? >> general manager four games for giving him another chance and signing him in the first place. he had already done so much. nothing has changed. i'm gone. >> kirsten powers were sitting here i believe in second chances -- >> what about four chances? >> okay so -- >> my problem is, ray lewis ray mcdonald, ray rice, what is with ray? what is with ray? >> there are consequences for your actions. >> consequences for names. i think we're focusing on ray. >> it is costly for these teams to deal with these. this could be a long, drawn out thing. this could be a much more even serious problem than we know of. >> see i applaud the bears. i also applaud kyle long. you know who his daddy is, howie long for fox sports, flat top guy, real cute. he played football. >> give more descriptive adjectives. >> that has to be hard that would be like someone here in fox getting trouble and one of us tweeting out good riddance.
9:20 am
that shows a lot. >> domestic violence is never tolerated. harris, i don't think you're outnumbered. nothing has changed. >> i really don't think so. they have got to do bert. >> we'll keep covering it on this show. hillary clinton may feel like the press hounds her. one segment of the media gives her coverage she can't complain about. how women's magazines portray hillary and what it could mean for 2016. new developments in a story we told you about yesterday. epa sweet talks the public in supporting a controversial new water rule with unprecedented social media campaign. did the agency break the law? clear your calendars, ladies and gentlemen, for sunday night when greg gutfeld's new show debuts 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. he will be telling us all about it. >> no, i woken.ot going to tell us?
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>> fox news alert now. as you know we've been covering here on fox news channel what has been happening in oklahoma and texas an the deadly flooding going on there. just moments ago president obama in bilateral meeting with the nato secretary-general in the oval office along with the vice president talking about a whole host of things talking about fighting islamic state and patriot act and nsa surveillance portion possibly being expired next week if congress doesn't move forward, so on, so forth. the first thing to come up today was the situation in texas and also texas governor abbott talking about it this weekend. here's the president right now on that topic. >> first of all i had a chance to this morning to talk to governor abbott of texas to express condolences for the terrible flooding that's been taking place there. our thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities that have been
9:26 am
affected some of these devastating record-breaking floods. i assured governor ab bottom that he could count on the help of the federal government. we have fema personnel already on the ground. they are coordinating with texas emergency management authorities and i will anticipate that there there will be some significant requests made to washington. my pledge to him is we will expedite those requests to make sure that both search-and-rescue operations where necessary but also recovery operations occur as efficiently and as quickly as possible. >> so there we were watching the president start off that bilateral meeting with nato's secretary-general and talking about the situation in texas we watched unfold over last couple days. a lot of high water rescues. it has been a horrendous
9:27 am
situation. one of the rivers down there normally cresting at 13 feet was above 40. they are inundated with flooding. meeting with islamic state and other issues we'll bring that to you. for now that is where they started. andrea? >> hillary clinton may feel like the press is out to get her but one segment of the media gives her the kind of coverage frankly money can't buy. that's women's magazines. according to "politico," a fashionista in her own right already has natural home among liberal magazine's but more liberal audiences, they appear to out right boosterism if not of clinton herself but democrats and progressive causes. editor-in-chief of marie claire whose may issue including a entire section on women who run washington saying quote we're thrilled hillary is in the race. we would love to see a woman
9:28 am
president of the united states. sandra i will go to you on this one, this is no secret women's magazines tended to highlight more democratic candidates over the years. they would argue there is a lot more democratic female candidates than there are republican candidates. >> fair enough. >> what about this troubling report that they're already in the tank advocating for hillary? night is amazing. moving beyond the "marie claire" editor very clearly speaking out in favor of hillary clinton, you have the "vogue" editor-in-chief anna wintour, we all know, first first lady to ever grace the cover of her magazine. she has been featured in the magazine appeared in the magazine at least seven times. there is instance in elle. it featured chelsea clinton covered in gucci. this is amazing right? so the editor of this magazine is saying it was total coincidence that she was featured on the cover of the magazine the very moment that
9:29 am
her mother announced her candidacy for presidency of the united states. says it was total coincidence. do you buy it? >> i don't believe in a lot of these type of coincidences. ainsley, when i work on the hill i worked with women's magazines to help do outreach for republicans. at the time a formerer good housing keep editor-in-chief publish ad book called spinsters. harris is nodding. >> i remember that. >> this book blew the lid off liberal bias at women's magazines. since then, nothing has changed despite that book. they were very defensive about it. a lot of female magazine editors they don't give republicans, i can speak to this experience they don't give them the same fair shake. >> it is smart of them. if they're all liberal and putting liberal candidates on covers of these magazines, these magazines sell "cosmo," 53 million viewers. glamour 28 million. el 21 million. hillary clinton takes money from countries that abuse women.
9:30 am
think about that. saudi arabia women can't drive or vote. women are charged with disobedience if they refuse to have sexual relationship with their own father. you need to address the issues. violating women's rights in these other countries and taking money for her campaign. >> republicans have woman on her side, carly fiorina. i don't see these magazines giving her the same shake they will give hillary clinton. >> let's look in the past. vice-presidential candidate sarah palin. we didn't see anything really from these magazines. since then some things have changed. but she is not on the ticket anymore, right? they're giving some love, i guess spreading it around. listen to the headlines on glamour the front page of their website. how to date responsibly at office. what to wear to work when it is really hot out. these are issues clearly have -- >> very important. >> they are. i suppose if you're troubled by what to wear to work. but my point is the articles for
9:31 am
those women who work at home? all moms are working, right? you know, i'm just, even the topics have a certain bent to them. >> greg, you used to edit "men's health" magazine, and runner's world. a lot of people don't that about you. you used to be a magazine editor. do you see this changing? >> i had a column for "cosmo" or glamour at one point. i had written for "marie claire." there is great contradiction in women's magazines. they claim to be for strong women but make money preying on insecurities of weak women. all the cover lines are directed at your feelings of self-worth. by the way it is not all women's magazines that are for hillary. it is all magazines. all pop culture magazines are for hillary. by the way men's magazines are in effect women's magazines because generally they're purchased by women to put on the coffee table so looks like their boyfriend or husband is sophisticated because no real
9:32 am
man actually buys esquire. they just don't. >> wow. >> we have to stop complaining the fact that our culture is lost. we have to do in there to win back the culture. it will take decades. we have to think about what is "outnumbered"? "outnumbered" is like a women's magazines without all the self-esteem baloney. with a the softy feely crap you get in magazines. >> you can stay. >> you but the point is you have to create your own turf now. it will take a long time. but they're the gatekeepers of liberal ideology, these editors. so you have to wait for them to retire. you have to move in there and stake out your claim. it will take 20 years but it can be done. >> i remember i remember answering questions helping to answer questions for a side by side with republicans and democrats and i remember what we said in the interview from the republican perspective was so different than what actually was said, what was printed was totally different. i think that is hillary's strategy. go to these strategies.
9:33 am
ignore the mainstream media. obama did the same thing. i think it may work unfortunately. >> i think we'll continue this in overtime. i can see it on time. >> with -- like a woman's magazine. >> anyway have you heard about this? experimental program meant to fight racism they say implemented at one private school. how does that work? starting in the third grade apparently. the school periodically separates kids by race. the question now will it end bias or make it worse? ♪ at red lobster's create your own seafood trio... ...if it looks tasty you order it. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo. brown butter shrimp scampi. and soy-ginger salmon. hey, this is my plate. get yours while you still can.
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♪ >> a private school in new york is coming under fire for an experimental new program. it starts in the third grade. students at the lower school are given questionnaires to fill out, identifying them by their race. then they spend time once a week in so-called affinity groups with kids who look like them.
9:38 am
i think you see the point. it is supposed to be sort of a safe space to talk about things related to race that might not ordinarily come up otherwise. the head of the school explains in an interview, quote, the education that many of us received about race has not been adequate. hence, where are we as a nation? we're trying to pioneer, to be at the vanguard of this opportunity to see if we can get it right, end quote. but one parent who opposes program wrote in a letter to other parents quote, the discussion of race should certainly be a part of our children's education but segregation of any kind is regressive. and separate is not equal as defined by the supreme court in 1954. and you think you could just drop the mic there to talk about this anymore, andrea. you can't. this school tried it on one of its new york city campuses and liked it, making it mandatory at the second one. >> i have a huge problem with that it is mandatory. you hit the nail on the head. parents can't opt out if they
9:39 am
don't want their kid to be a part of exercises which forces kids to make choices based one. they're segregating the kids. telling the kids to talk about their difference, when a lot of kids don't even see the difference. they're not even thinking about race. frankly there should be no difference based on race but they're obsessed with this idea of white privilege. these progressive elitist schools. i just look back and i pulled from martin luther king's speech. he said his dream one day people won't be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. doesn't this seem like the opposite of that? to me is seems completely opposite. >> so interesting you mentioned white privilege. we know and sandra will tell us how much it costs to go to this school. how about privilege in general? >> how would you like to be the mother who in this story picks up her daughter from the school her 11-year-old daughter, by the way, parents are paying $43,000 a year to send their kids to this school. and her daughter starts talking about how we go into our race
9:40 am
groups is how she explained it to her mom. her mom thought she should be misunderstanding. race groups? went to tell about the affinity groups. the questions are how do you see other people? how do other people see you? what assumptions do you make based on appearances? ainsley, appears all they're doing is trying to show these kids how different they are. >> i see both sides on this. you're right, it's a private school. parents are paying $43,000. they can opt out of sending their children to that school if they don't like the curriculum. that school can do whatever they want. it is private school. they're not getting federal dollars. however i think children are so precious because they're so innocent. they don't see race. they don't see class. they play together. they love each other. that is why the bible says you should have faith like a child because they just see everyone as equal. i want to preserve that when i have children one day as long as i can because it is so precious. >> you're mom's teacher? >> yes. she was a teacher. i talked to mom bit. i don't know enough about it.
9:41 am
i would have to you can talk to the kids about what they're learning. what do you think? you have two girls? >> i happen to think putting kids in groups where they happen to share race doesn't mean we all think the same. greg i will come to you on this. this assumes a lot how people of color communicate. we can only talk to each other apparently. >> exactly. a couple of things wrong. it is indoctrination. it is a way to inculcate beliefs they carry on campus life. which will not prepare you for real life around with different races. how will you communicate with them? i'm not used to this. they are creating safe spaces. that is telling your kid don't play in the dirt so you can't build up the immune system. it is behavioral kind of method of actually lowering your immune system so you have no defenses. it is great for other kids. when they compete with you in the real world they will crush you because you will not know how to deal in the work place or anywhere because you're too busy
9:42 am
worried about your precious feelings. good luck. >> you know what is so interesting about what you say. if they weren't as ainsley said aware of how different they are and they just loved with an open heart you put a fine point how different they are. >> didn't the civil rights movement fight for decades to try to prevent this? >> you mean brown versus the board of education against segregation? maybe they're not teaching that at the school. >> they died and fought for this. now the school -- >> why isn't al sharpton involved in this? >> you have to pay him. >> that is a different show. we move on. an update to a sty we told you about yesterday. boy, this got a lot of response on social media with us. a popular clothing company, pulls a controversial t-shirt from store shelves after fierce backlash. remember that? the upside down american flag? it is in black and white. is this apology enough? ♪e but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jenna lee for what is happening coming up in the next hour of "happening now." jenna: 12 missing and primed did in wimberly, texas. austin also hit with flooding and severe weather. we have live fox team coverage.
9:47 am
iraq says it is going on offense against isis terrorists. reportedly trying to take back the city of ramadi. the u.s. is lending air support. there have been 19 airstrikes in iraq and syria today but still complaints we're not being aggressive enough. we'll get a live up today -- update to talk more about that. vermont senator bernie sanders holding a campaign kickoff this afternoon. he self-identifies as socialist. is he being underestimated? will he drag hillary clinton left? our political panel takes a look at the top. hour. jenna: >> thank you jenna. we told you yesterday about this controversial t-shirt being sold by the popular store pacific sunwear? an upside down flag symbol i.c.e. as nation with distress. the store decided to pull the shirt and issued this statement. out of respect for those who put their lives on the line for our country we decided to stop selling the licensed flag it. shirt and removing it from our stores and website immediately.
9:48 am
we thank our men and women in uniform for their extraordinary service. many were upset after a photo of store appeared in the window on memorial day weekend t went viral. listen. >> flag upside down is sign of stress. when you print something like that and want to make a profit and sell it it is prettying nor rant. >> i don't see anyone in distress with that shirt. and as far as i'm concerned anybody that disgraces the american flag is an enemy of mine. >> hmmm. some strong words. we want to open this up to the sofa for a discussion about this. andrea. we talked about this yesterday. you think the company heard our conversation and decided to pull it? >> it is pretty tasteless shirt. yo like the shirt. if you don't like the shirt don't buy the shirt. i feel conservativeses are knee-jerk liberals.
9:49 am
every time something happens there is all of this outrage. we have to be very careful. we talk about the fact that people have the right to have cartoon competitions and draw the prophet muhammad and free speech. when a company tries to put a flag yes it is a stupid t-shirt, upside down with anarchy symbol. we can't be outraged. so we're not speaking out of the side of our mouth. >> andrea, the reason we have free speech is because of that flag. >> but it has a specific meaning the upside down flag in black and white. some people would argue our country is in distress, economically, in terms of what our military is doing. some confusion about strategy to fight isis. are we safe at home? those issues are very real for people. and this might be a way that they would express it. now i would argue that pac-sun wasn't thinking that. they were thinking marketing. isn't it cool that the flag is upside down, anarchy and black and white? there is some free speech argument to be made here but i don't think it is pacific
9:50 am
sunwear that is making it. >> greg, if they did mean that, country in distress, wouldn't they say that instead they apologized and pulled the shirt. >> everybody apologizes because we have mob rule on the web. i'm with andrea 100%. what drives me crazy about store like this, if you saw this walk into the store go to the clerk and hey look, i got to tell you something. i served i find this to be offensive you should know about it. depending how you respond. this is how you did it in the old days. now we instinctively go to facebook and have to put it out there and shame it company. we've become a nation of tattle tails. why not face-to-face communication? go in there. go to the guy. clerk doesn't know any better. he doesn't know any better. you screwed up. you have got to fix this. they would probably go, we're sorry, if they don't, then you go to facebook but this immediate go to the social network word and smear everybody because it feels good, that is what you're talking about.
9:51 am
we're becoming liberals. we're becoming leftists. we're above that. we should be talking to people and not running to facebook or twitter and shaming people. >> we're bullying. >> it is tattle tail. >> i gainty people did go in -- >> first of all who is paying $24 at t-shirt for pacific sunwear? nobody. the company is struggling. they're getting more in five minutes than they have in years. stock is up more than 3%. people are talking about them for a first time in long time. this stock trades dollars and change. i don't think that he they intended to get the reaction. they dead get the reaction, ainsley. i don't know this is long-term good attention. >> this will be forgotten in a week. like every little faux outrage. be legitimately mad. facebook is not the place you
9:52 am
only communicate to your grandmother. >> 15-year-olds behind the desk and -- >> talk to the 15-year-old. why not? it is good. >> good advice. you might pride yourself being humble but are you just humbling bragging when you are being humble? this is the thing and might be doing it without realizing it. what it is and why many find it more annoying than tooting your own horn. speaking of bragging, greg gutfeld has a new show. >> he will tell us all about it. >> hi, i'm greg gutfeld. i have a brand new show appearing on the fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. this sunday night. i will have a really big desk. in fact, well he is right here. he is really big. some would call him a giant. though it is not his fault. that he is big. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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♪ ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we all brag from time to time. what was that sound? it is human nature it brag. but there are two types. straight up brag i just won a gold medal and humble brag where you are covering up the bragging like. this my cat attacked my custom oscar delarenta.
9:57 am
i just came out. i cross dressed. but people see through the humble brag and hate you for it. and less so for the outright brag. it can make you seem centered. you know anybody like this? >> yes, >> not going to name names. i tend to not happening out with people like that. >> and then people who don't humble brag which is in itself a humble brag. say you do it sometimes. nlike the person who talks about themselves all of the time. the guy you go go on a date with. he never talks about you. but only himself. that's a humble brag? >> i department say a word about that. >> but i have a funny one. this is i am featured in
9:58 am
people's most beautiful. what can i say, they all make mistakes? self deprecating and letting you know. can you name somebody at fox wo does this? >> rhyme the name. >> every time i post a picture of myself i think it is it a humble brag. >> that is vain. >> every time i put a picture up, i worry about my beauty. >> i didn't mean it like that. research is really interesting and the person who posted that picture so fabulous. they underestimated the point where people felt happy for them. they think the friends and family are like. >> stop posting all of the pictures on facebook. i see you are bragging. and brags to us about the new show all of the time. and we decided to come on and wake up. oh what is the name of the
9:59 am
show? >> we spent years trying to figure out the name. greg gutfeld show. and greg show. and greg gutfeld show would work. and i am not bragging about it because i have to tell you, i don't know if it is going to be any good. the whole point you don't want to build up expectations i want people to think that it is a train wreck. >> i saw the pilot. it is it a mess. >> it is terrible. >> and i actually broke down crying in the b block and we stopped an hour while we. >> i would watch that. >> we brought in a psychiatrist. >> isn't your dad who said what is his language. >> it is perfect. >> she take an off camera and put on one. i told harris always under promise and over deliver. >> you can't go wrong.
10:00 am
sunday, 10 o'clock p.m. eastern x. outnumbered over time in the web. and click on the overtime tab and we'll be back for the tv version of us right now, "happening now". >> and a fox news alert. a texas man charged with conspiracy to provide material support to isis. >> he is now expected in court and as you learn more about the new effort to defeat the terrorist overseas we'll cover all of the news happenining now. >> mother nature's fury slamming texas. flooding over the lone star state. homes and lives washed away. we have live fox news coverage. and the iraq fighting back. and after the fall of a key city to isis. now


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